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Aayush Nagda

• Initiative by- Kaustubh Shah & Aayush Nagda
• Started- 1st June 2020
• Ended- 16th June 2020
• Areas covered- 40+ (Borivali, Kandivali, Dahisar)
• Marks distributed- 12,000+
Thank you everyone who supported us Directly or Vocally, You motivated us to keep going
Please share, where you may turn up to be the reason to inspire someone
Jai Hind
Hi, my name is Aayush Nagda and me and my friend Kaustubh Shah have successfully
distributed over 12,000 face masks at different places covering Borivali, Kandivali and Dahisar.
So, it all started with one idea when I got a call from my school friend Kaustubh one day and he
just asked me one thing. What can we do? Then he suggested, let us both distribute masks. I
thought it was a great idea and we went ahead with it. First, we did what we could on an
individual level by contributing 1000 rupees each and distributing masks locally. It wasn't
enough. But the satisfaction it gave made them even more inclined towards doing better. We
wanted to do more but we didn't have the funds needed for it.
They knew there was a problem but they chose to focus on the solutions rather than the
problem. Because that's what heroes do.
We didn't want to stop there. I thought that if we're doing it, then let's Go big or Go home right?
So we wrote a Notice, with a goal of distributing 10000 masks, asking for donations and we
spread them all across WhatsApp and other social media platforms. And the next day, we
received help of about 5000 rupees. Which in turn helped them distribute 3000 masks.
But the goal wasn't reached yet. And the main goal wasn't just distributing ten thousand masks.
The main goal was to spread awareness to ten thousand people and in turn their families.
After this the donations stopped coming. And we had to find another way to keep going. So we
started contacting NGOs and then people started coming forward after hearing about what we
were doing and our goal of ten thousand. So, then Mr.Bhavesh from Aashayein, an NGO,
provided us with a lot of masks, according to his personal capacity, to help us reach our goal.
And with that they started distributing masks and educating people, on why masks are essential
and why they're the need of the hour, all over Borivali's IC Colony to Borivali station road,
targeting people from slums and those who live on the streets. They also made sure that they
took proper health precautions since they came in contact with hundreds and hundreds of
people everyday

Everything was very well planned and done like professionals. We carefully mapped out all the
potential areas where we could distribute and help spread the awareness. And it all went like
clockwork. And we carried it out at various places like Borivali East Highway and Islam
Compound, which had over 9000 families residing all around it. We made sure that we don't
distribute all of the masks at a single location. Because the main idea behind it was educating
more and more people across different places. (They still distributed 2500 masks at Islam
It started on June 1 and they distributed 12000 masks all in the span of 15 days. And they did it
all themselves which included distribution of masks, collecting mask orders from Lalbaug and
Lower Parel, all while taking necessary precautions themselves ie. using face Shields, masks,
sanitizers and hand gloves as well.
We hope to inspire more people by our story and we wish you all the best. Thank You!!!

All in all I have sent the most relevant files and you all can pick it and upload them whichever
ones you want..
I have sent the details above, which would help you form the story..
Also sent the video of a person giving his views about this cause on behalf of 9000 families..
Hope this all we be great use to you all and I know you will use them wisely..
Our Instagram user name
- @aayushnagda ( Aayush Akshay Nagda )
- @kaus2k20 ( Kaustubh Shah )
You can tag us when you post the story..
Aayush Nagda.
And thanks bro

(ps - Love the way how they’ve documented everything with pictures and videos, there’s also a
video of a man from islam compound sharing his feedback)

Aayush Nagda

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