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Arun Mishra

My journey started when I saw the news that people can’t reach their homes and they have started
to walk, I was devastated and heartbroken to see that. It made me think what can I do and how can I
help them. So I decided to help them and do my best to send them to their respective houses. I had
to talk to the Deputy Commissioner of Mumbai and Commissioner Police of Mumbai to allow me
and help me in my mission to send people to their houses safely. People from all over Mumbai who
wanted to go to Pratapgarh U.P were supposed to submit a medical saying that they are safe to
travel and had to submit their Adhar card copy as well. The list was sanctioned by the Government
of UP. Then a formal permission was taken from the Government of Railway to run the trains from
Mumbai to Pratapgarh.

The day came when people were ready to leave from the very first train. I was nervous and hoping
everything goes fine. All the precautions were taken in consideration,everyone were eating masks
and gloves. All the passengers were assembled at Kurla station , only one train was running that day,
it was all sanitised. 1600 passengers were all ready to leave, we provided them with snacks and
water bottles. We could see the happy faces waiting to reach their homes. It was very satisfying
feeling. From end of April till end of May total 15 trains were sent from Mumbai to Pratapgarh. I felt
lucky to help them.

As the days past and all the trains reached their destination. I started falling sick and weak. It was so
bad that I couldn’t get up from the bed. For at least 4 days I couldn’t eat or even talk. There was
weakness, fever, bodyache, cough and loss of smell and taste. It was getting very hard for since I’m
58 years old with diabetes and bp issues. I consulted my family doctor, he recommended to get a
COVID - 19 test. My entire family was tensed and worried about my health. The reports came in 42
hours and it was positive, it showed COVID-2 which was the second level of corona. I was
immediately admitted to Saifee Hospital, Charni Road. I was admitted for five days, I wasn’t about to
meet anybody, I only have my phone to contact them.

They took my test everyday and checked my oxygen every four hours from oxymeter. Those two
weeks were a challenge for me. My family was quarantined and my younger daughter started to
show symptoms. She was home quarantined. My wife and my elder daughter also fell sick and a
COVID - 19 test was done for all three of them. After the reports came in and we got to know they all
were positive. When I returned home they were still going through the treatment.

By gods grace and blessing of those people who reached home safely, now my entire family is
corona free. It was a wonderful feel and experience being the helping hands in such a crisis.

Arun Mishra

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