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Be Dauntless Foundation

About Be Dauntless Foundation
The Be Dauntless Foundation is India’s Proactive Youth-Led Organization with a vision of
reimagining a better world for the underprivileged children in society. The foundation aims to
awaken, acquaint, and exhort rural communities about the importance of quality education and
therefore is determined to enhance, empower, and educate the youth of today for a cohesive
What you eat affects your physical and mental health. In this pandemic, the people who used to
get daily wages have lost their jobs and are not able to feed themselves and their families. This
is also giving them mental pressure and their health is adversely affecting. We should help
others in this situation even though we know they can't help us back. That's humanity, that's our
duty. In order to support them and show solidarity, Be Dauntless Foundation has initiated a
campaign called “Meal to Heal” that aims to provide food and basic necessities to the destitute
and impoverished.

“Every 10 seconds, a child dies from hunger”
Meal to Heal is an initiative to ensure that no family goes to sleep without food in their belly
during this global pandemic. Through surveying, monitoring and reaching out to adversely
impacted families who are in dire need of help, we are certain that the end of hunger is
achievable and could become a reality for our state. We provided them with two meals a day
and basic essentials for a month while following social distancing and hygiene practices to
inculcate awareness to stay safe during Covid-19.
Life has been difficult for existence during this pandemic. Our foundation Be Dauntless came
with the campaign "Meal to Heal '' that has created a great impact, reflecting a society with
essence of humanity, consideration and sensitivity towards very human. The impact was
conducted in 3 phases. In phase1 we provided people with Cooked meal items (dal, roti, rice)
atleast twice a day, and impacted to the count of 15000 meals served till date. In phase2 we
provided the families living in the camp with Grocery kit items (containing all basic amenities) for
around 133 families each more for than a month. In phase 3 we provided the PPE kits for safety
and created online and offline awareness drives. Many lives were impacted by helping in such a
harsh situation one among them was Ramjanki Amma a 75-year-old lady living with her
husband in Sonia Gandhi Camp in Southeast Delhi abandoned by her son. Our care was a

miracle to her which led her to a new caring son whereas her blessings and happiness was
more than any appreciation we can think of. This impacted over15000 peoples which explored
the sense of humanity within every individual.
In efforts to reach out more people in need, we are coming up with lots of initiatives and
campaigns. One of which is shaping the future, aims to educate and empower 2 million lives in
next 3 years with Dauntless saviors working tirelessly from 44 different cities. We aspire to
break the stereotypical thinking, superficial stigmas and social norms that resist the
opportunities for the deserving children because of their socio-economic conditions.

Be Dauntless Foundation

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