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I am a Mumbaikar who is staying in Bandra West since I was born. 22nd March 2020 was the beginning
of the lockdown that was carried out by the government.
An environment of chaos was all around the country in fact all around the world as Corona Virus was a
new virus for all of us.Mumbai, a city of opportunities where lakhs of migrants travel on daily basis were
clueless of what is to be done after the lockdown was announced , they were away from their families
friends and city.

My name is Viren Motwani I’m working In a hospitality industry where I promote clubs on daily basis.
Most of the people who contact me for club entries are mostly out station based students/employees
working and studying in Mumbai.
During the first week of April it just came to my mind that these out station migrants do not have any
employment and domestic help during the lockdown.
At this point I started providing 10-15 free meal boxes to all the migrants that were known to me and
were residing in khar and Bandra West. This went on till may and fortunately once the flights and the
trains started they were back in their home town safe and secured.
When the month of may started I had gone to buy off some essentials for the house at that time I saw
many needy people on the streets of Khar West and Bandra West out of which many of them were
starving for food/shelter, I came back home called a few friends of mine gave them a brief of what I saw
is when we came to a conclusion of doing something for them.
This is when I started off our "DONATION DRIVE".
28th may was our first ever donation drive which was carried on in areas of Bandra/Khar west , after
this we started a donations drives for animals where we provided food to strays like dogs,cats,cows and
so on.
We also provided essential materials and food (dal, rice, atta, poha, water, biscuit, vegetables, sugar,
salt, santizers, masks)to the kinnar's of Byculla Kinnar Ashram. It was really sad to see that no one really
helps them during hard times but urges to call them for blessings during birth of child, marriage and so
Be Human Guys Today we will survive in corona crisis what about them who's house runs because of
giving blessings to others. Till date we are providing 1000 meals boxes to humans as well as a separate
1000 meal boxes to animals on a weekly basis
Initially I pumped in all the funds to run the donation drive after which gradually a few generous people
started helping me out with donating funds/ essentials for the same .
Also I would love to thank all the people who helped me with donations this wouldn't be possible
without you'll as well.
I would continue the same until the pandamic doesn't come to and end.



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