Jul 4, 2021

Escape room is an initiative by us for the new members to understand and know about the club in a fun manner. It is a group event which will help the members bond.

Escape Room

Jul 10, 2021

As the world continues to confront an unprecedented crisis, our frontline workers have all worked tirelessly through the pandemic to help save so many lives. RCBA brings to you A Blood Donation Drive, An initiative by RID 3141.


Jul 17, 2021

In collaboration with Rotaract Club of Humanitas, chess tournament "CHECKMATE" is being organised on 20th of July.
An online chess battle to think profusely of your moves.

Chess Tournament

Jul 30, 2021

Coming soon !

Women of the month

Jul 31, 2021

Coming soon !

Village Visit

Aug 21, 2021

Coming soon !

Animal Food Donation

Aug 6, 2021

Coming soon !

Installation Ceremony

Aug 28, 2021

Coming soon !

Visit to Old Age Home

Aug 7, 2021

Coming soon !

Interact Orientation & Icebreaker

Aug 30, 2021

Coming soon !

Women of the Month

Aug 13, 2021

Coming soon !

Open School